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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Switch Around

While I was cleaning up the girls' room the other day, I got to thinking that since we don't use their dresser, my husband could use it for more clothes' storage space.  So I dumped everything from the dresser into a laundry basket and moved the dresser to our master bedroom.

Since I still needed something for the lamp and monitor in the girls' room, I moved the side table by the front door to their room.

One thing I did store in the girls' dresser was their hair bows.  I have been looking for a way to store them  out of reach and figured out a way to do it for free.  I took two scarves someone had given the girls for Christmas, cut them lengthwise, and pinned them to the curtains that cover the closet.  That killed two birds with one stone because now I have bow storage and I got rid of those scarves.  Frankly, wrapping anything around my kids' necks freaks me out.

Now I have my husband's old bedside table to use as a catch all by the front door.

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