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Monday, June 3, 2013

One bite at a time Summer 2013

In order to keep myself motivated, I am posting my list of things to clean and organize this summer.  Then, each day I will post a before and after pic, marking off one thing each day-- at least and hopefully.  Here is a preliminary list:
Catchall by the back door.
Computer desk (may have to be done repeatedly)
Top of the gun safe
Entertainment center (may have to be done one section at a time)
Toys (done during nap time)
My dresser (may have to be done repeatedly)
DH's chest of drawers
Bathroom cabinet
Bathroom shelves
Closet (may have to be done in sections)
My bedside table
His bedside table
Pantry (may have to done in sections)
Kitchen cabinets
Top of each refrigerator 
Catchall by the front door
Toys (in the other pile, also done during nap time) 
Cedar Chest
Joey's closet
Joey's chest of drawers
Joey's book shelf and desk
Chest of drawers
Kids' bathroom cabinets
Front porch (may have to be done repeatedly)
This looks like a good start, not totally overwhelming but a little to do each day.
Yes, I think so.

In the Closet

Okay, let me see if I can explain this.  When I., my two year old, sees her older sister use the restroom, she wants to try too.  Great with me!  I plan on getting her potty trained when we get home from vacation.
Today, when N., my four year old, finished using the toilet, I. started pulling at her clothes to let me know she wanted to sit up there too, so I got her shorts and diaper off and placed her on the potty.  She hasn't ever used the toilet before, but I let her sit up there a few times a day.  Still no joy today.
When she was ready, I let her down and she followed me to her room to replace her diaper.  While I was gathering the diapering gear, she ran into the closet.  I called for her to come get her diaper on and she readily appeared--a suspicious sign I should have recognized right off the bat.
I put her up to put a fresh diaper on and noticed her legs were wet, and the wet smelled like urine.  That little mess got off the toilet and went and directly peed in the closet! Really?! Ugh.