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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Out of Order

I had to jump down the list a little because Hurricane Nicandra struck in her bedroom the other night.  She dumped out her sheets and pillow cases, Isa's sheets and blankets, and her old clothes I had in a box to pass down to Esme or Isa, who ever grows into them first-- my money is on Isa.

Anyway, I got rid of another WM bag full of things I no longer need or use and condensed them into one basket.  Those blankets, burp rags, and diaper pads will go to Deysi and Rafa's daughter.  I have some inexpensive, mesh laundry baskets that I use for storage.  So now it is all tucked into one basket under their easel.
While I was in there,  Isa was in such a good mood in her highchair eating a donut that I cleaned out Isa's side of the closet and got rid of another bag of clothes to send to Jackie and Oscar's daughter, Maggie.

I also swept and cleaned under the bed and found four cups and a trash can and a shoe box full of trash.  It's not complete by any means, but I got something accomplished and am ready to spend the rest of the day celebrating our fifth anniversary.

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