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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Switch Around

While I was cleaning up the girls' room the other day, I got to thinking that since we don't use their dresser, my husband could use it for more clothes' storage space.  So I dumped everything from the dresser into a laundry basket and moved the dresser to our master bedroom.

Since I still needed something for the lamp and monitor in the girls' room, I moved the side table by the front door to their room.

One thing I did store in the girls' dresser was their hair bows.  I have been looking for a way to store them  out of reach and figured out a way to do it for free.  I took two scarves someone had given the girls for Christmas, cut them lengthwise, and pinned them to the curtains that cover the closet.  That killed two birds with one stone because now I have bow storage and I got rid of those scarves.  Frankly, wrapping anything around my kids' necks freaks me out.

Now I have my husband's old bedside table to use as a catch all by the front door.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Out of Order

I had to jump down the list a little because Hurricane Nicandra struck in her bedroom the other night.  She dumped out her sheets and pillow cases, Isa's sheets and blankets, and her old clothes I had in a box to pass down to Esme or Isa, who ever grows into them first-- my money is on Isa.

Anyway, I got rid of another WM bag full of things I no longer need or use and condensed them into one basket.  Those blankets, burp rags, and diaper pads will go to Deysi and Rafa's daughter.  I have some inexpensive, mesh laundry baskets that I use for storage.  So now it is all tucked into one basket under their easel.
While I was in there,  Isa was in such a good mood in her highchair eating a donut that I cleaned out Isa's side of the closet and got rid of another bag of clothes to send to Jackie and Oscar's daughter, Maggie.

I also swept and cleaned under the bed and found four cups and a trash can and a shoe box full of trash.  It's not complete by any means, but I got something accomplished and am ready to spend the rest of the day celebrating our fifth anniversary.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I found the perfect e-card to support my project.

Anyway, I got the top of the gun safe cleaned off and wiped down.  I think one of the many bubble toys leaked up there and made it gooey.  In case any of you want to remark on the decorating taste of having a gun safe in my living room, I can only say that it took five grown men to get it in the door and that's where it stayed.

If I keep going in a circle around the living room, the entertainment center is next.  That is going to take some psyching up to tackle.  On the other hand, I just did it over spring break, and it can't possibly be as bad as it was then.  I need to find some more storage containers to try to contain the girls' hair bows and other associated paraphernalia.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Toys Part One

Going through the toys in the cubby of the family room, I got about a Wal-mart sized bag of trash to throw away and a half a dozen toys to pass on to my niece Deysi's little girl who is due in September.
I forgot to take a before picture, but if you have seen the other pictures of my house (or have ever had small children) I'm sure you can imagine the topsy-turvy mess it was.  For now, it's contained and swept up.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Item No. 2

The computer desk, extended part of the backdoor catchall, was second on the list.  It took three days and  a couple of attempts to get it completely finished with everything else going on around here.

So, I put away clutter, mostly where it belonged and not in another catchall, and threw away the trash.  Here is the result:

I'm not really thrilled with the results, but it will do.  At least it's clean for now.

For the rest of the day, laundry because nothing says I love you like clean underwear.