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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Build Your Wardrobe Basics Challenge

Henceforth to be known as BYWB , this challenge is promoted for women over 40.  Though I am not quite there, and it seems about one-fourth to one-third are under 40, building basics is always a good idea.  I heard a fashion guru, sorry I can't remember whom to give credit, say that the reason women feel like they have nothing to wear is because they buy separate pieces and not outfits or shop without mindfulness of how a piece will work in their existing wardrobe.  Integrating and fresh mixing are what I hope to get out of this challenge.  Also, I seem to have several versions of the same idea in my closet and drawers, namely skinny pants and cardigans, I hope to push myself into a classic, modest, but fresh look.

The challenge is co-created by Cyndi Spivey and Alison Lumbatis, popular fashion bloggers who can be found at and  Even if you don't join the challenge, check out their blogs for ideas.

These are some outfits I have put together this week using the ideas from their sites and participants' ideas on the Facebook page, accessible only with registration.
Monday: Last day of warm weather for a while, I wore green ankle pants, smocked white tee, denim shirt, coral and turquoise necklace, and black flats all from my closet.

Tuesday: Brown suede Bullfrog shoes, leopard jeggings, blue sweater, and cream layering tee also from my closet.

 Wednesday: Red flats, black dress pants, and striped shirt.  Then added scarf and denim jacket, all from my closet.
 Thursday: Got to shop Wednesday at Stage and got red tee and scarf, combined with olive cardi, brown bootcut slacks, and brown Bullfrogs.
Friday: New scarf  and earrings from Stage, charcoal sweater coat, olive henley, skinny jeans, and Doc Martins.

Saturday: Tried new leopard flats from Target and pearls, but too cold and windy.  Went with Ariat boots, handmade scarf, with Hue black denim leggings, Jjill marled sweater dress over striped tee.

This challenge has already helped me move out of the frumps which where I definitely tend to go in winter.  Today is the last day I have to agonize in my closet for three whole weeks!

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